Who are you?

My name is Gijs van den Berg. I like to make things. Many things. I'm not a specialist in a medium. I just do and learn along the way. 

Wait before you start your monologue... HOW do you pronounce your name?

Uhmm... most English speaking people call me Hize, which game me the nickname Heinz. But I've heard many variations over the years. 

I think you had a much better website before, it has loads of work on it, what happened?

The server crashed. I did program it myself, but never made a backup. #lifelesson. It was way too serious anyway.

Did you save any of the photos?


OK this is rather personal; I read the average height for males in your country is about 182cm. You are 168cm...

I know it’s weird. It does give me a different perspective, i guess. But even weirder is that my last name means ‘from the mountains’. Technically speaking there are no real mountains in the Netherlands. the highest point is 328 meters above sea level.

What is it that you do?

This is what keeps me up at night. I do many things. And I’m not sure if I do any of those things right. If you like boxes and labels, you could call me a designer, photographer, film maker, musician, writer or creative director. I am all of this and none of this at the same time. Just call me Gijs... or Heinz.

Any weak spots?

I really can't draw. I even did a project about it called: "Five-minute-finger-paintings". I'll share it soon. 

So what's new?

U have video's with animals? I like video's with animals. 

So anything in the pipeline?

I've been working on some digital projects lately. You know blockchain technology, world domination, html5, all while listening to Japanese J-pop screamo. I'm trying to learn how to code. So I made this website myself. Got some help from Semplice.

Japanese J-pop screamo?

Yes it's pretty underrated in the west, but big in Japan. It's a crossover of dancing the ketchup song dance on the beats of a sonic the hedgehog game with female fronted vocoded vocalist interchanged by some of the girls singing screamo parts. One of my favourite acts is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. But recently I've been listening to Passcode as well.

I also made this thumb.


And this installation.



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