Are you into NFTs?

I don't know to be honest. I have been making my work available as NFT as it seems to be an interesting way of making my work available to a wider (and different) audience.

Any success?

How do you define success? I've sold some pieces. Which is great. But there is bitter taste knowing the impact of the transactions on our planet. I've been offsetting carbon, but to be honest, I should have waited for Ethereum 2 to be finished. 

But everyone is doing it?

Yes. Also everyone is driving a car. Everyone is taking a plane. I should have more patient and wait. 

This is a ironic NFT I made to raise awareness. I guess it didn't help much. 

So what is the solution?

I have minted a series on Solana recently. Much more sustainable and affordable. But the collectors are not really into it (yet). You can see the work here on


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