Souvenirs From The Sun

2015 — 2017

Shot over the course of 3 years on the Canary Islands. The series highlights the contrast between crowded beach towns and less popular natural parks. 
The islands have become accessible because of low-budget airlines, but mostly only get appreciated for their climate. The colourful photographs show souvenirs from beach towns brought into nature. Leaving us with the question: what is natural? And how does it affect out planet. 

Escaping Time

2022 - on going

Every since becoming a parent I have been struggling to find time to create personal work. Constant distraction prevents me to enter a deep state of creative being. 
To overcome this problem I have created a photographic concept that only needs 10 seconds and a tripod. See me escape time.

Hashtag Holiday


'Hashtag Holiday' is a series of photographs about the impact of social media on our holidays. By taking photographs and instantly sharing them with the world we tend to direct how other people see ourselves. 
But aren't we created a big monster by only showing the picture perfect moments of our trips for others to be jealous about? Isn't the original concept of a holiday to be on a break. To be away and unreachable...

Pizza Economy

2014 — 2022

Between March 6th and July 15th 2014, Gijs van den Berg documented a window of a pizza restaurant on his morning walk to work. Stacks of unused boxes give insight in how much pizza was sold in the evening before. 

Flash forward to 2022, when relooking the project in the current zeitgeist; the images are a representation of a transparent economy, similar to the open ledgers used in blockchain technology.

Cutting Edges

2016 — 2017

The 33.883 square kilometers of land that make up the Netherlands are not nearly enough to share among 17 Million people. Let alone with nature. 

Functional infrastructure and green beautification try hard to coexist neatly side by side, but often live in conflict with each other.

Photography by Gijs van den Berg & Jan Dirk van der Burg.

On the edge of paradise

2014 — on going

On The Edge Of Paradise is a series of photograhs taken in various beach towns. The series shows the other side of the picture perfect holiday destination. 
The washed out colours show signs of decay. Like skin exposed too long to the sun. 

Gewoon Koffie

aka 'the new amsterdam koffiehuis'.


Gewoon Koffie is a series of 25 handprinted photographs of traditional coffeehouses in Amsterdam. 
The prints are handprinted in the darkroom with a custom photographic developer based on the coffee from the actual coffeehouses. 


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