Do you like talking about yourself?

No, not really. I do like talking about work though. 

So are you a public speaker?

Well I talked a couple of times on festivals about KesselsKramer and about my personal work. 

Isn't it scary to talk in front of a big crowd?

Yes. I always shit my pants and do weird postures. Check these out:


Maybe next time be a bit more camera aware. Everyone has a camera these days, did you know? Where did you talk?

I was a speaker at OFFF festival 2021 in Sevilla, Spain. And talked at Serifalaris in Getxo, Spain in 2022. I did a lecture at Centraal Museum, Utrecht about my non-commissioned work. I also talked about city marketing at CCCB in Barcelona. And I probably missed a couple. I don't know why people keep asking me to come to Spain. I also did several workshops for Dutch Design Week, BNO, ABN-Amro and others.

Do you also do birthday parties and weddings?

Don't test me. I happen to play in a 90's skatepunk band called: Junkyard Safari. We would love to crash your party. 

Great. Who do I contact?


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