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Since the invention of television we’re able to witness events from all over the world. Amazing discoveries, natural disasters, talented performers and political failures are right there with us in our living rooms. Yet we spend most of our time watching these incredible goings on in a passive state. Television may give the impression that we engage with the world, but actually we do nothing of the sort.


TV Toes highlights this inability to engage with the events that television projects at us. We can only witness and protest in passivity within safe distance of the actual events.


TV-Toes is exhibited at Malmo Fotobiennal 2015 in Sweden and at Slideluck Potshow 2012 in Amsterdam

So what the hell is this about?

This series is about passive activism.


It's a reaction on the modern way of complaining about all things going on in the world. Instead of heading to the streets, people choose to sit on their couches to react on current topics.

Who's feet are these?


Grose. Did you publish these?

Well it was part of the Fotobiennal in Malmö, Sweden in 2015. And I made a small publication in 2016. I think they are almost sold out. But I might have some on a dusty shelve somewhere.



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